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  • Do All Assets Have to Go Through Probate?

    When a person passes away, their assets are ordinarily distributed according to the terms of their will through probate court. With that being said, not all assets are required to go through this process. Obvious assets which need to go through probate are those that are titled in your name only, such as vehicles, property, investments, and more, as only the probate court can remove your name from ...
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  • 3 Major Benefits of Living Trusts

    Most people believe that naming beneficiaries in their last will and testament is their only option for leaving property and assets to surviving loved ones at the time of their death. While this is indeed an option, perhaps a better option is to use a legal tool known as a living trust . A living trust, also known as an “inter vivos” or “revocable” trust, is a written legal document through which ...
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  • Living Wills vs. Living Trusts: Which Is Right for Me?

    If you are considering creating an estate plan or are already knee-deep in the estate planning process, you have likely heard of both a “living will” and a “ living trust ” as two essential documents that you should include in your comprehensive plan. Despite their similar names, these two very important legal tools are quite different from one another and serve different purposes. A living will ...
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  • How to Avoid Probate in New York

    When a person passes away, their assets are ordinarily collected and distributed according to the terms of their will (or to their closest living relatives if no will is present) through a process known as probate . This process is notorious for being lengthy, costly, and confusing, especially in the event that a dispute should arise among beneficiaries. Fortunately, there are many things that you ...
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    A question that often comes up in estate planning is “How much money do you need to get a Trust?” The question is a fundamental misunderstanding, but a common one. Although there would not be much point in doing so, you can put as little as a single penny into a Trust . The question is based on the premise that Trusts are designed for rich people. It’s a false premise. Trusts are designed for ...
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