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  • What It Takes to Become a Legal Guardian in New York

    People who are in their gray years will naturally and gradually lose the abilities to take care of themselves and manage their finances or estate. Rather than allow this process to slowly damage their wellbeing, it is important to establish a legal guardian ahead of time that will be tasked to control and care for their estate, as well as making important health related decisions for them. ...
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    if you have been appointed as guardian over an adult relative, it is not enough in New York to only manage the your relative’s financial affairs. You have explicit duties and responsibilities under New York law that you must faithfully carry out. A New York probate attorney can explain your duties in detail and even help you with some of them. The basic responsibilities are described below. The ...
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    If you have an incapacitated adult relative who is unable to provide for his or her own needs, you might be able to have a court appoint you as a guardian in New York. This is often necessary if an elder relative does not have an effective General Durable Power of Attorney. You will need to go to court to be appointed as a guardian of an adult relative, so consider the services of a New York ...
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