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Don’t Delay Planning Your Estate

Don’t Delay Planning Your Estate

Most people have the best of intentions; that includes establishing an estate plan. People seem to never have time to address this issue. The present situation has most of us working from home and, as a result, having more available time. Why not use the opportunity to set up a plan to protect your family, preserve your assets and ease your mind about the future?

During this unprecedented health crisis, it is essential to have an estate plan in place. Having a valid power of attorney, health care proxy, and a last will and testament ensures that you and your loved ones will be well prepared. A thorough estate plan may also include a trust to provide further protection.

If you have already planned your estate, it is important to review your plan documents to be certain they express your wishes and address your needs, as these may change over time, and conform to the current law.

Until recently, to prepare an estate plan, an attorney and client would meet in the traditional manner, face-to-face, for an initial consultation and again later for the document signing. Given the current circumstances, this is not advisable.

By executive order, New York has allowed estate planning attorneys to facilitate remote signing of all estate planning documents. Utilizing the latest technologies, consultations are being legally conducted by video conference, allowing us to virtually meet with our clients in their homes. Further, all estate planning documents, including powers of attorney, health care proxies, living wills, last wills and testaments, deeds, and trusts can be validly signed, witnessed, and notarized by video conference; all without ever meeting in person.

It is important to act now to ensure your important documents are in place to protect your family now and in the future. Don’t delay in ensuring your estate plan is up-to-date. The estate planning attorneys at Davidov Law Group are experienced in navigating the technical requirements of the remote signing of estate planning documents so you can be confident in their use. Call us at 516-587-5555 or click here to schedule your consultation.