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Blog Posts in February, 2013


    When a celebrity passes away, it is often interesting to see if there is anything that we can learn from their estate . All too often, we learn the many ways that the celebrity did not plan their estate in an ideal way. However, sometimes, we find out that the celebrity did everything the right way. It is still early in the estate process, but at this point it appears that Lakers owner Jerry Buss ...
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    Recently, Bob Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, and his half-brother, Richard Booker, settled the legal issues between them. The case is an interesting one and is instructive of a common estate planning pitfall that can lead to arguments and litigation between family members. Generally, Marley’s family has been very protective about how the late singer’s image and likeness can be used. They have even ...
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    The Nebraska legislature is considering joining a small group of states that have recently enacted legislation granting the estates of deceased persons’ access to the deceased’s digital assets, such as Facebook and Google+ accounts. The reason that they are doing so is that digital assets are new and under current laws, an estate has to get a special court order to access the accounts and remove ...
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    We have previously told you about non-attorneys who set up websites to sell Living Trusts . It should go without saying to our savvy readers that purchasing a Living Trust from one of these websites is a terrible idea. Some of these same people have a new method to try to take your money and give bad estate planning advice. The new trend is to offer what they call estate planning organizers. ...
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    We have written many times in this space that you need to update your Will whenever there is a significant change in your circumstances. There is another reason that you should update your Will from time to time. You should also update you Will when the life circumstances of your Executor change significantly. In the early years of the United States, if one of the goals of your estate was to free ...
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    Most people do not know that there are circumstances where they can create a valid Will that a court will later rule is invalid because it is too old and other things have happened in the intervening years. It is rare that it happens, but it does happen. It happened to the estate of the legendary actor Sir Peter Ustinov. Ustinov created a Will in 1968 and then got remarried a few years later. His ...
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