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if you have been appointed as guardian over an adult relative, it is not enough in New York to only manage the your relative’s financial affairs. You have explicit duties and responsibilities under New York law that you must faithfully carry out. A New York probate attorney can explain your duties in detail and even help you with some of them. The basic responsibilities are described below.

The first thing that you need to do after being appointed as a guardian over an adult in New York is to attend a six-hour class. In this class all of your duties and responsibilities should be explained, so pay careful attention. After that, you need to compile an initial report for the court that explains the condition of the adult over whom you have guardianship and details his financial assets. This report must be filed with the court within 90 days after you are appointed a guardian. An attorney can help you compile the required information.

Throughout your time as appointed guardian, you have a continuing duty to file yearly accountings with the court by May 31st every year. These accountings need to include all funds that came into the person’s account during the previous year and how you disbursed any funds. Finally, you must physically visit the person over whom you have guardianship at least four times every year.