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One thing that makes estate planning fun is that everyone’s situation is unique. Every client that comes into an estate planning attorney’s office has a different story to tell and different estate planning goals. The fun part for attorneys is not only in listening to all of the different stories, but also in developing an estate plan that meets each client’s unique situation.

For example, many people go to an estate planning attorney with the idea that they need to get a Living Trust. Most people will actually end up with an estate plan that does include a Trust. The questions become what kind of trust? How is it structured? Is it revocable or irrevocable? Does it include a Trust Protector? Can it be amended? Who will serve as the Trustee? The answers to these questions and others like them make each Trust a little different. The estate planning attorney finds those answers by listening to what the clients say.

In today’s world, you do not have to go to an estate planning attorney to get a Living Trust. There are other options. However, you should go to an attorney so that you can be certain that someone has listened to your story and created a Trust that is right for you.