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ome big changes in your life are easy to recognize. When you have your first child, for example, you know that your life has dramatically changed. At these times, it is easy to see why you need to update your estate plan to reflect the changes.

However, there are other changes in your life that are harder to recognize because they occur gradually. For example, in your career, you will probably have many different raises and promotions. Each one individually is not a big change, but cumulatively the change can be quite dramatic. Because the change in income has taken place over such a long period of time, it is easy to downplay its significance. However, if you think about the change in income from the beginning of your career to now, you might see that it is very significant.

Income is just one thing in your life that you can gradually change over time. Think about other ways that your life has changed over time, especially since the last time that you updated your estate plan. If there have been significant changes, contact an experienced estate planning attorney and get an updated estate plan that takes those changes into account.