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Most people think of physical violence when they think of “abuse,” but elder abuse can take a variety of forms. There are people out there who seek to manipulate the elderly and they convince the elderly to rearrange their financial affairs for the abuser’s benefit. Of course, they do not tell the elderly that is what they are doing. It just happens to work out that way.

Unfortunately, this is a growing problem in the United States as we have an aging population. It is something that you need to be aware of as you get older and it is something that you need look out for as you watch your loved ones get older. Make sure that no one is taking advantage of you or your loved ones.

It is not always easy to know when someone is being abused. However, before making any decisions, you can always ask for a second opinion. Talk to an elder law attorney before you sign any financial documents of import. Make sure that your loved ones do the same thing. Make sure the attorney is working for you and that you have all the information you need.