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Blog Posts in January, 2011

  • Financial Abuse of Elders

    The FBI warns that senior citizens are the targets of scam artists because seniors often have financial assets and can be manipulated into signing documents like contracts for unneeded goods or services. Even worse yet, fragile seniors can be convinced that the right thing to do is to sign over their assets to a predator who is taking advantage of their situation. In the Nursing Home Scam artists ...
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  • Probate Serves Useful Purpose

    When you are planning your estate you will hear about the possibility of implementing strategies that enable probate avoidance, but this may leave you with a somewhat mistaken impression. The reasons why avoiding probate can be attractive is because there are significant costs associated with probate, and the process can be lengthy. Clearly most people want to preserve the value of their estates, ...
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  • Incapacity Planning Protects You & Your Family

    Estate planning is just one aspect of the larger field of elder law, and as elder law specialists we help our clients address all of the eventualities of aging. At this exact point in time elder law is going through an interesting phase due to the demographic realities of our country. The baby boomers are entering their golden years, so the elder population is growing by leaps and bounds. And when ...
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  • Schedule Your 2011 Estate Plan Review

    When you are in the business of estate planning you have an uphill battle when it comes to the matter of procrastination. People have a tendency to postpone the things that don’t seem to be immediately relevant to them, and nothing could fit this description more aptly than preparing for death. Though it is easy to relate to this line of thinking it can be quite problematic, because however we may ...
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