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Blog Posts in September, 2010

  • Why Avoid Probate?

    Most people want to help their beneficiaries by sparing them the time and stress associated with having to go through the probate process after their death. Probate is a process enacted by the court which oversees the distribution of your assets and the settling of your estate upon your death. If you die intestate (in other words, without a Will), the process of settling your estate will be ...
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  • What Are Estate Taxes?

    An estate tax is imposed by the federal or state government and can be as much as 46% of the value of the estate. Who Pays Estate Taxes? Estate taxes are usually only imposed on ‘affluent’ estates, meaning only the wealthy are subject to this tax. Currently there is no federal estate tax, but next year the federal estate tax is likely to return, and most people estimate it will affect estates ...
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  • Does Your Estate Plan Protect You if You Become Disabled?

    Incapacity or disability planning is an important part of your estate plan . It is vital to the well-being of yourself and your loved ones that your estate plan effectively guards against the possibility of disability or incapacity. Most people think about estate planning and create a plan based on their eventual death, but they overlook the possibility of becoming disabled. Yet, becoming disabled ...
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